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Best Natural Sleep Aid Supplement for Weight Loss

Sleep and lose weight? Sleep Weight Loss is made up of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that have been proven to support the body’s natural processes for restful sleep, including Arginine, Glutamine, Ornithine, Colostrum, and Lysine. Lose weight and sleep great!

Sleep Weightloss Best Natural Sleep Aid and Weight Loss Supplement

“Not only can you lose weight on Sleep Weight Loss but you’ll probably have your best night’s sleep ever.”

Best Sleep WeightLoss Supplement 60 Capsules

What’s In Our Sleep WeightLoss?

With all the stress that we face daily, sometimes it becomes very difficult to get the good night’s sleep we so well deserve. While our bodies are exhausted, often are minds are fully awake racing away. Fortunately, there is the best natural sleep aid that can help you achieve the sleep you deserve and want – Sleep Weight Loss.

Our Sleep Weight Loss is amazing in that it does not only give you a deep sleep but helps your body to lose weight in the process. Sleep Weight Loss is made up of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that have been proven to support the body’s natural processes for restful sleep, including Arginine, Glutamine, Ornithine, Colostrum, and Lysine. For many years now, L-Arginine and L-ornithine have been known to help stimulate muscle growth and have been recommended for insomnia.

The Best Natural Sleep Aid and Weight Loss

Sleep Weight Loss by Whole Family Products – lose weight and sleep great! Not only does Sleep Weight Loss help you to lose weight but it truly gives you the best night sleep. Did you know that when you sleep your body manufactures collagen in your cells which then promotes healing and weight loss? Sometimes losing weight is about getting a good night’s sleep. Read also about Lose While You Snooze gel caps to accelerate weight loss and create and leaner, thinner body; LOSE WHILE YOU SNOOZE.


Gummies Gone Wild Melatonin Supplement Gummies

Gummies Gone Wild - Melatonin


Melatonin Sleep Lotion 4oz Pump Best Melatonin Transdermal For Sleep

Melatonin Sleep Lotion


Lose While You Snooze Collagen Peptides Help Accelerate Fat Loss

Lose While You Snooze gel caps


3M Sleep Best Natural Sleep Aid Cream

3M Sleep


Sleep Weightloss Best Natural Sleep Aid and Weight Loss Supplement

Sleep WeightLoss



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3M Sleep – Best Natural Sleep Aid

3M Sleep is the new best natural sleep aid cream loaded with a full 3mg of Melatonin, 30mg MSM and 30mg of Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride to help people struggling with sleep deficiency and poor sleeping habits.

Sleep plays an essential role in our physical well being. A good amount of sleep, which is an average of eight hours a day, supports the functions of the brain, the heart, and the immune system.

But although we all know that getting a good night’s sleep is vital to our health, most of us cannot make those eight hours of sleep requirement. As a result, some of us suffer from sleep debt symptoms such as increased anxiety, moodiness, forgetfulness, obesity, and dark eye bags.

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Gummies Gone Wild

We know you love treats and so do we! Gummies Gone Wild is the ultimate treat bursting with vitamins and minerals in flavorful, yummy gummies!

At Whole Family Products, we want to offer you options on how you take your supplements. Gummies Gone Wild comes in a wide variety of specially formulated preparations: Gummies Gone Wild D3, Gummies Gone Wild Fiber, Gummies Gone Wild Melatonin, Gummies Gone Wild Elderberry, and Gummies Gone Wild Kiddie

Lose While You Snooze Gel Caps

Lose While You Snooze collagen peptides helps with weight loss and a better night sleep. It has a powerful ingredient and amount in a capsule that has no food colorings and preservatives.

Lose While You Snooze Gel Caps by Whole Family Products – a premium collagen weight loss and dietary supplement. One ingredient but what a powerful ingredient and amount in every capsule. Take 3 just before bed for a thinner, lighter, leaner you in the morning. And you may feel the added bonus of better joints as well.

Lose While You Snooze is not just a weight loss product but because it is collagen based it’s great for repairing joint damage due to collagen loss.

Lose While You Snooze collagen gel caps are helpful for joint and arthritis pain from the inside out. Collagen transforms the body while you sleep by repairing cell damages and helping with new cell production. Discover the difference between actually dealing with the pain and only masking it with NSAIDs; pain killers.

Melatonin Sleep Lotion

Melatonin Sleep Lotion is a unique melatonin transdermal to provide relaxing sleep and youthful glowing skin that you’ve always wanted. Sleep like a beauty queen (or king) with melatonin!

Melatonin Sleep Lotion: Understanding Melatonin And Its Uses

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced mainly by the pineal glands that acts as a messenger of sleep. As the day turns into night, the melatonin level in your bloodstream reaches its peak to induce a restful, quality sleep.

How Does Melatonin Work?

Melatonin is commonly dubbed as the “Dracula of Hormones.” It comes out in the dark when everybody is trying to sleep.

In the absence of light during the night, a signal is transmitted to the pineal glands to activate pineal melatonin production. With high melatonin levels in the evening, sleep becomes more inviting.

But because melatonin production is affected by the detection of light, exposure to bright light inhibits the process. Therefore, it is best to limit screen time before bed to stimulate melatonin release.

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How to Achieve Better Sleep and Weight Loss

The following are some tips that can help you achieve a good night’s rest, which then could lead to weight loss:

  • Take a nice warm bath before bedtime and use essential oils such as lavender.
  • Turn off the TV at bedtime and read a book instead.
  • Dim the lights in your bedroom. Lights cause the pineal gland in your brain to slow down and not secrete melatonin, which is something you need in order to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Eat well-balanced meals and ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients and proteins that your body needs to achieve optimal balance. 
  • Supplement your diet as needed with natural supplements that will help you achieve optimal health.


How Sleep Loss Affects Weight Loss

Lack of sleep affects us in many ways. The most common symptom of sleep deprivation is a loss of energy. When our energy levels are low, we tend to move less and in turn, we don’t burn as many calories. Hence, if you are not getting enough sleep every night and your energy level is low, you won’t experience weight loss and, in fact, your body’s reaction might be to store calories as fat.

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