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5 Factors How Collagen Weight Loss & Dietary Supplements Help You with Fat Reduction
5 Factors How Collagen Weight Loss & Dietary Supplements Help You with Fat Reduction

Sleep Affects Weight More Than You Realize

Now that we have written some articles about the lack of sleep and how it affects your body fat, muscle, immune system, gastrointestinal system and digestive tract, (along with giving you cravings for the wrong foods), let’s talk about what we can do about it.

So there are some healthy diet supplements that you can use to help with losing weight. Some of them will help you lose weight in a day, some help you lose weight while you sleep like Sleep Weightloss product does.

Other products will help your digestive tract to get healthier.  You may not even know that pain the stomach and pain in the abdomen can be symptoms of needing probiotics to help you lose weight and digest food properly.  Maybe you need more fiber in your diet. We love the product FiberKlenz Plus by Greenwood Health.

There are a lot of factors

What advice would we give you? None, we are not allowed to give advice on the internet. But there have been enough articles written about losing weight in your sleep to point you to a collagen supplement for weight loss, an amino acid weightloss complex, a fiber supplement and probiotics.

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Here is how that all works:

  • You need more fiber in your diet; most likely. Fiber will draw out toxins that cause fat to accumulate.
  • Probiotics keep the friendly bacteria in your digestive tract so you can use enzymes and breakdown food as well as keep away yeast which makes you tired.
  • Collagen repairs the body at night and builds healthy muscle tissue.  Therefore, collagen is behind gaining muscle and burning fat.
  • Amino acids are the building blocks of protein which is what collagen is made of.
  • Voila! The only thing else is to carb your appetite and cravings (Acai berry extract is our choice for this.) and if you want to speed things up a jump start diet like One Day Diet Wafers.

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