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How Sleep and Weight Loss Connected
Do You Know How Sleep and Weight Loss Connected?

Weight loss and Sleep

According to Dr. David Rapoport, associate professor and the director of the Sleep Medicine Program at the New York University School of Medicine in New York City, weight loss and sleep deprivation are possibly linked. For years, physicians have been aware that many of the body’s hormones are affected by sleep, but only recently has it been noted that the amount of sleep a person gets each night does affect his or her appetite.

Do you wake up hungry, especially after getting only a little sleep and no matter how much you eat that day, you never feel satisfied? Most likely, your hormones are out of whack. Now naturally when you are hungry, you tend to eat, and the more you eat, the more calories you consume. The more calories you consume, the probability of your gaining weight increases, and any weight loss program you are on goes out the window. Hence, weight loss and sleep tend to go hand and hand.

The Right Balance between Weight Loss and Sleep

In order for any weight loss program to be successful, your body has to be in balance, and in order for your body to be in balance, you have to get a good night’s rest each and every night. While you rest, your body tends to rejuvenate itself. If you have received the proper amount of nutrients during the day, then when you sleep, your body’s functions will be able to achieve balance. Hormones and molecules such as cortisol and collagen are important to achieving this balance. Cortisol helps to regulate the metabolism and collagen is used by the body and acts as a replenishing agent.Sleep WeightLoss Supplements Infographics

It has been noted that the best time to lose weight is while you are in a deep sleep, which is when cortisol levels decrease and collagen increases. With the right balance of these two, weight loss can be achieved while sleeping. If you are having trouble sleeping and/or achieving this balance, then you might want to try adding a natural supplement to your diet that will help you sleep better and achieve weight loss.


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